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Townhomes make great properties to buy and rent. They have the look and feel of living in a single family home but without much of the expenses. Townhomes and Condos are different in several ways. A typical townhome is usually two or more story's with no other properties above or below you, only the walls are shared between each property. Condos usually have properties on one or more sides and also above and below the unit depending on the floor the condo is located. With Townhomes, you typically own the land the townhome is located on and also in front and behind it just as you would with a single family home. In fact is very similar to a single family home except the walls of the homes are attached to each other. With Condos, you do not own the land since more than one unit would probably be on it.

Many townhomes have fireplaces and some even have community pools, tennis courts and fitness areas on site similar to apartments. Most residents of townhomes use a parking lot in front of the unit but many also have their own private garage that is attached to the home. When purchasing a townhome, the owner will usually pay a monthly maintenance fee. So what is included in this fee? This fee usually includes weekly garbage pickup, all lawn maintenance for your yard in front and back, maintenance in all the common areas, maintaining the pool if there is one with the community, insurance for the outside of the unit and all maintenance for the exterior including roof, siding, parking lot, etc. The homeowner is typically only required to insure the inside of the unit. Your agent or the home owners association will have all the details on what is included with your purchase and what is not.

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