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Going to town: Growing popularity of townhomes has builders struggling to keep pace with demand
Ottawa Citizen

Townhomes are flying off the shelf; builders can't release them fast enough. The strong demand has led to at least a dozen new home projects either temporarily or permanently running out of townhomes to sell.

Townhomes trending with homebuyers for lifestyle and location
Lancaster Online

A National Association of Home Builders report indicates that townhome starts were 7 percent higher than they were in the prior four quarters.

Home Buyers Growing Attached To Thought Of Townhome Living

Recent reports have townhome sales surging in popular markets.

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Condos, Townhomes hottest sellers in Metro Vancouver: real estate board

Demand is now being driven by condominiums and townhomes, a real estate expert says.

Townhomes Are Having a Moment Again

Townhomes are now the fastest-growing segment of the single-family housing construction market, according to the National Association of Home Builders, a Washington, DC based trade group.

Townhomes Draw Homebuyers Frustrated By Tight Inventory

We are seeing a huge amount of interest in townhomes, Peterson said. Often times we put them on the market, we have 10, 15 showings and sell them within just a few days on market.

Townhomes Take Off

Townhome sales have been increasing across the country and not just in land-constrained urban areas. Suburban sites are also seeing dramatic townhome growth.

First-Time Millennial Buyers Poised to Revolutionize the Real Estate Market

According to a recent survey, millennial buyers prefer single-family homes (39%) or townhomes (34%). Just 15% are interested in multifamily homes, and 10% in condos.

On the Rise: Condo & Townhome market surges again

With the resurgence of the real estate market in Atlanta, condos and townhomes are high on the list of desirable properties. Many people consider them the perfect option for enjoying the best that city life has to offer.

Condominiums vs. Townhomes

Are you looking to free yourself from your monthly rent and redirect your cash towards real estate that can deliver a return on your investment? Or perhaps you own a large single-family home and you're looking to simplify your life and make it more manageable.

You've Been Thinking About Townhomes All Wrong

The townhome is experiencing an urban renaissance.

Ten reasons townhome living is better

Deciding where to live is one of life's biggest decisions, and it's important that you consider each and every factor when you set out to make that call. Let's take a look at 10 of the best benefits of townhome living.

Condo and townhome buildouts are newest trend in urban living

Many single professionals, young families and empty nesters have chosen urban living options like condominiums and townhomes.

Sales of upscale townhomes continue at brisk pace

Buyers are snatching up homes left and right. - Plus Website and Traffic
Heritage Auctions

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Townhome-style housing sales on rise for Orlando

Sales of townhomes, villas and duplexes increasing from a year earlier while sales of regular homes declined, a new report shows. The growing popularity of houses that share a wall with neighbors may indicate buyers willingness to live in close quarters with next-door neighbors.